Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jade's 10 Month Pics

I am really going to miss my photographer! This is my last session with her before we both move! She will be moving to St. Louis, so for those of you lucky folks who get to take advantage of her awesome talent, check out her blog here!

Yep, thats right, Jade is 10 months old now. She is sooo fun to have around and I can't believe how much she makes me smile and laugh. Here are some things she is accomplishing:
1- she is walking like crazy!
2-she gets really excited when she sees her dad and starts to say "da, da, da"
3-she loves her big brother and is always excited to see him, she will walk towards him when she hears his voice and waits for his hugs and kisses.
4-she has the hugest smile that will just melt your heart!
5-she loves black beans and string cheese
6-she loves to play at kids club
7- I'm already pretty sure she will get into lots of mischief with Taegen when they are older!

We love this little(or I should say big)girl!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well, count down is now here. Jared has made his final rank list for residency's and we are just waiting to see where we end up! For those who know me, I am a planner and I can not wait to start planning our next huge step in life.
Meantime we are both enjoying our kids so much!! Jared has had a little more free time the last couple of weeks and it has been so fun having him around! The kids love it! Taegen can't get enough of his dad and when Jade sees Jared, her limbs start flailing so fast I think she might take flight.
I always thought Taegen was such a sweet kid... Til I saw what he did to my muffins!!!!
And Jade...
Who falls asleep like that?

Can you say kinked neck! Let's just say she woke up pretty grumpy!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet baby Jade

I went and got Jade's 8 month pics done and LOVE them. Check out Danica's photography blog here, she does an awesome job. Have I mentioned that she is a happy girl!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Ok, so it might take me a few posts to get some what caught up, so here goes.

Starting December 1, the kids and myself were able to go with Jared on 3 interviews. We decided to make it one long trip. We first went to Jacksonville FL, then to Richmond VA, and we ended in Rochester MN. We had sooo much fun getting to see new cities and just to be able to spend time as a family. Jared is now done traveling(thank heavens) and we are just waiting for match day to come so we will know where we are heading.

Here we are at the beach in Jacksonville, it was not the best weather while we were there, but at least we didn't have to wear jackets!
Jared and Jade on one of our many plane rides.

We got snowed in in Minneapolis, and were able to spend an extra day just hangin out at the hotel.

Taegen and Jade, you would think they are pro travelers by now...

We were able to go to Mall of America while in Minneapolis. The mall is so huge that they have an amusement park inside. Taegen was so excited to get to go on a ride. I have found out that he is a big talker, but can never back it up. He kept looking at me saying "DONE! DONE!" Can't you just see his worried little face!

Taegen is the best little traveler. He loves to tote his suitcase around just like us.

Jade is totally in love with her big brother. She couldn't stop giving him big slobbery kisses. I think Taegen liked it just as much!

Did you know they are hiring pilots younger and younger these days?
One of the our pilots was so awesome and took Taegen up to the cockpit to check stuff out. We may have a future career folks...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Small but Perfect

This may look really small and boring to all of you who had a huge family filled holiday, but it was perfectly delightful! Just my little fam, a ham, some corn, potatoes, and rolls. And for desert, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I decided not to do anything fancy in terms of decorating or going all out for our dinner because lets face it, its just not worth it when there is only 3 1/2 people! Of course we missed our family a ton, but totally enjoyed our Philly Thanksgiving. Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First taste of food...

So Jade had her first taste of food a couple of weeks ago and hated it, and two weeks later she still hates it. Hopefully when we move onto the veggies and fruits it will be a different story. These are not the prettiest pics of her but the flash from the camera kept blinding her and of course she wasn't a big fan of such a new taste.
Mom, seriously whats up with those lights?
Girls, don't be jealous of the legs! Don't we all wish we had those rolls? A perfect fit for a pair of skinny jeans!

Monday, November 9, 2009

More pics!!

I know, I know, more pictures!!! But it was once again time for family pics and of course, Jade's 4 months pictures. We decided to go downtown to University City in Philly, and they turned out so cute and urban, I love them. Danica shot them again and did a wonderful job, check out her website here.