Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jade's 10 Month Pics

I am really going to miss my photographer! This is my last session with her before we both move! She will be moving to St. Louis, so for those of you lucky folks who get to take advantage of her awesome talent, check out her blog here!

Yep, thats right, Jade is 10 months old now. She is sooo fun to have around and I can't believe how much she makes me smile and laugh. Here are some things she is accomplishing:
1- she is walking like crazy!
2-she gets really excited when she sees her dad and starts to say "da, da, da"
3-she loves her big brother and is always excited to see him, she will walk towards him when she hears his voice and waits for his hugs and kisses.
4-she has the hugest smile that will just melt your heart!
5-she loves black beans and string cheese
6-she loves to play at kids club
7- I'm already pretty sure she will get into lots of mischief with Taegen when they are older!

We love this little(or I should say big)girl!


Rich and Tyra said...

She is so adorable!!!

Ballard Family said...

So cute Heather and where are you moving too???

Hayley said...

Um,she is so freaking cute! I can't wait to squeeze her.

Wickhams said...

She is so cute, you have the cutest little family!

Brandon said...

nice pics, hope all is well

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